Words can invite you to step into a pair of moccasins and walk through the woods.

Or help you slip on a pair of track shoes and sprint to victory.

Words can be the patent leathers that take you to meet the president.

Or they can weigh like the moon boot that protects a broken ankle.

Words make stories that ask writers and readers to leave themselves behind for awhile.  Step out of your skin and into someone else’s.  Sometimes you’ll shiver with fright.  Other times your heart will ache with loss.  Or dance with joy.

Maybe you’ll walk away with a bit of understanding of someone else’s life and experiences that you didn’t have before.  

Let the words carry you away.

About Beth

Beth’s debut novel, Rooted in Sunrise, will be published September 17, 2024.

Beth Dotson Brown has visited with a king in Ghana, listened to the dreams of mothers in Guatemala and made friends with the monarchs in Kentucky. Beth is an award-winning feature writer, short story author, essayist and debut novelist.  She is the author of Yes! I Am Catholic and contributor to A Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors, Scenes from the Common Wealth, and The Bandana Book. Heartland Plays published her collection of one-act plays, Mothers, Daughters and the Spaces in Between. Her short stories have been published in literary magazines and aired on the BBC World Service Short Story Programme. Beth earned her journalism degree at Ball State University. Besides writing, she also works with nonprofit organizations and mentors writers. Beth is a member of the Author’s Guild and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. She lives in a small Kentucky town where she enjoys family, friends and cooking from the goodness of the garden.

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