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Yes! I am Catholic 
It is important for all of us to know that we are not alone in valuing our faith. When teens hear someone they respect talking about being a Catholic, whether it is another teen, a celebrity, or an adult they admire, they feel strengthened in their own convictions and beliefs. Here teens will read stories by people who could be next-door neighbors, teachers, favorite athletes, or beloved authors, including:

Bill Gullickson, retired Major League baseball player
Catherine Hicks, actress, 7th Heaven
Tara Lipinski, Olympic gold medalist, actress
Tony Melendez, musician
Anne Rice, novelist
Tim Roemer, former congressman
Matt Smith, MTV Real World
Adrianna Trigianni, fiction author

As a lifelong Catholic, Beth was happy to interview people about their faith stories for this book. These stories are from Catholics who have struggles in their faith life, yet they can still proudly say, "Yes! I am Catholic!"

A Cup of Comfort for Breast  Cancer Survivors
If stories are medicine, then this collection will help keep hopes up and spirits alive on the road to recovery. Readers will applaud the bravery of 50 exceptional survivors as they tell their unique experiences with breast cancer. Every breast cancer survivor has a different story, but they all have one thing in common: courage. From dealing with diagnosis to undergoing chemotherapy, facing hair loss and possibly the loss of a breast, these fearless women undergo more than anyone ever should. These stories pay tribute to these women and their battles, and celebrate their victories. 

In "The Hoopla About Hair," Beth shares her experience of turning from brunette to blonde while undergoing chemotherapy. In this stunning new collection, readers will find compelling, inspiring, and uplifting personal essays about the experiences and emotions of living with—and after—breast cancer.

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